Tell us a little about yourselves…

Kirsten: Well, I’m Kirsten and I am the Creative Director and Co-Founder of State of Home. I am born and bred in Perth, along our beautiful WA coastline, and live with my partner, Thom and our handsome golden retriever, Wilbur.

Sara: I’m Sara and I am the Director and Co-Founder of State of Home. I’m a country kid at heart, having grown up in the Goldfields before settling here in Perth. When I’m not busy globetrotting sourcing for State of Home, I am active in the Perth property scene driving my other successful business and labour of love, Perth Style Co.

What is your background? How have you developed your career?

Kirsten: After growing up in the fashion retail space and studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree, I began my professional career in digital marketing in the real estate and property industry before embracing a new role, alongside Sara, in project management at her first start-up business, Perth Style Co. In the last five years, I have embraced my strong eye for emerging trends and passion for digital marketing by focusing on international furniture sourcing, styling and design.

Sara: After 12 successful years in property finance, I was toying with the ideas of starting a business in the creative space. Without abandoning my skills in property in 2014, full of fresh energy and naivety, I created my first start-up venture in Home Staging. Over the space of six years, we have staged hundreds of homes for Perth’s best agents, developers and builders. Our client list demands an extremely professional and seamless market leading product that I’m are proud to have created from nothing but a good idea and fearless self-belief.

Tell us a little about State of Home…

State of Home is a contemporary furniture range inspired by earthy elements and cool, coastal Australian living. Calm but bold, soulful but raw, State of Home aims to create timeless, sophisticated pieces which are the perfect addition to any home. ​

What is the State of Home aesthetic?

We have solidified a modern but timeless aesthetic that nods to international trends, whilst staying true to our relaxed Australian lifestyle. State of Home is welcoming and unpretentious – think neutral fabrics, natural timbers, organic fibres, and thoughtful design – these are all core elements of the brand.

Where do you take inspiration from?

We take inspiration from so many different sources! Whether its travel, culture, art, fashion or architecture – we are constantly looking to different industries for innovation, vision and brilliance.

What can we expect from the upcoming range?

A neutral palette with textured finishes and subtle black accents. That’s all we are prepared to give away at this point!

How would you define your personal style? What is your own space like?

Kirsten: I find that my personal aesthetic is constantly evolving. I love to switch things up to keep it fresh, especially in this industry, we’re creative and don’t like to become too stagnate. But right now, I’m finding my own space to be very paired back and comfortable – lots of timeless texture, layered neutrals and classic elements.

Sara: My personal style is really quite different to my professional style I think our businesses are known for. I’m excited to have worked with Kirsten to merge our two personal styles when creating State of Home. I treat my home as a sanctuary where natural elements play a calming role in helping me chill after the craziness of my demanding work life. I love the ‘holiday at home’ aesthetic and whilst overseas travel provides a lot of my initial inspiration in the realm, we are seeing more and more of this theming here in Australia – think Byron Bay, coastal country living – this is where most of my inspiration currently comes from.

What does a regular week look like?

Whilst we are both very “routine people”, we rarely find ourselves in two weeks the same! We each spend a lot of time on email, checking in with our team and our suppliers, managing our factories internationally, working with our marketing and IT teams, executing initiatives or researching and forecasting future collections.

What part of the job is most exciting?

Definitely has to be bringing the product to life. We usually spend a fair bit of time travelling and working with people from all over the world, so when the product physically arrives to our door it is such an overwhelming feeling of pure excitement!

How far away are you working in advance?

It really is a long, continual process – we are constantly looking to overseas markets to forecast trends and dictate developments in the industry. Typically, we are working at around a 12-month lead-time but as we refine the specifications of the product and design, sometimes these products can blow out much longer.

What design trends do you see coming our way in the future?

We predict a shift toward really timeless pieces with classic detailing that will last the test of time and a move to super-sized pieces, such as a cumbersome sofa or leisure chair, that will make a bold statement and bring a real presence to the space.

What is to come from State of Home in the future?

Well, this is only the beginning – we have so many exciting projects underway and can’t wait to share them with you all!


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