15 Bar Stool Ideas for your home or business 


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Ever feel like your home or kitchen is lacking a special something? It could be that a bar stool is just what you’re looking for. In this guide we have loads of Bar Stool ideas for your home and your business. We’ve got outdoor bar stools, modern bar stools and rustic bar stool ideas as well as bar stool ideas for kitchen islands


What are Bar Stools?


So, you are wanting some Bar Stool ideas. First, it’s best to understand what are bar stools? Bar stools are a stool or chair that sit a lot higher than your regular dining chair. Bar stools are the perfect companion for your kitchen island, breakfast bar, outdoor bar and also your café or business.

Bar stools for kitchen island


Types of Bar Stools


The two main types of barstools are barstools or bar chairs. Bar chairs are often referred to as barstools, but the difference is that barstools have either no back and are usually round or square with just a seat, or they may have a very low back. Not enough to rest back on fully, however. Sometimes this low back is just for style and sometimes it is to provide a slight support and feeling of security. A bar chair on the other hand is basically a chair with long legs! With a stool body but a back and sometimes even arms on it. The backs of bar chairs are usually not as tall as a normal dining chair and often narrower. Bar chairs can be great if you have a more spacious home while bar stools tend to be great if you want to fit more barstools around a kitchen island bench or a breakfast bar.

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Bar Stool Height

Modern bar stools usually have the height of 29 to 32 inches, but the height of your modern bar stools will really depend on your bench height. It’s good to allow about 25cm from the stool seat to the bottom of your table/bench. That way you have plenty of space for your legs and don’t have to be either leaning over the table with squashed legs, or feeling like a child not quite at the right height!


Bar Stool Width

There are plenty of different widths of modern bar stools. What you choose will ultimately depend of the space you have. Some modern bar stools have quite a large width and they look great with a smaller number, around three, lined up at a bar or kitchen island. If you are needing to fit in more barstools to your space, then smaller or narrower style barstools will be your best option.



Bar Stool Styles

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Now you know about the kinds of barstools available and you probably have a better idea of what will fit into your home or business space it’s time to think about Bar Stool ideas and the style of barstool you want. Finding the right style of barstool can be tricky especially if you are not refurnishing your whole kitchen or bar area. If you are starting to decorate your space from scratch, then you can choose a theme for your space and build from there. That makes it easier when it comes to thinking of Bar Stool ideas because you can choose ones that easily tie in with your other furniture. However, if a bar or kitchen island is a new addition to your home then finding the right Bar Stool ideas becomes a little more difficult. Not only do you need to find a stool that you find comfortable and fits into your space physically. But you will need to find a barstool that fits into your décor too! Bellow we have listed our favourite styles of barstools to give you some Bar Stool ideas.


Industrial Bar Stools


Industrial bar stools are a style of stool that are usually made with a metal frame. The metal frame can come in a black iron look, a chrome look and a brass finish. Industrial bar stools don’t have to be solidly metal, in fact some have a wooden seat or an upholstered seat often in leather looks to make the industrial bar stool a little more comfy and welcoming on a cold winters morning! They can also have higher backs, more like a bar chair. These are great for if you are going to be spending a lot of time in one, watching sport at an indoor/outdoor home bar or if the industrial bar stools are you main dining seating.

industrial bar stools


Industrial bar stools Will go with your décor if you have an already more contemporary styled home. Pairing industrial bar stools with a country style timber kitchen island, no matter how much you like the look, won’t look that great. But pairing your industrial bar stools with a granite bench top or metal framed bar, will. industrial bar stools can also be used as outdoor bar stools. Their metal framing being able to resist a bit of weather and elements.


Wooden Bar Stool Ideas


wooden bar stools can be very versatile and fit in to a number of different home décor styles. Here are some of our favourite wooden bar stool ideas that will help you incorporate wooden bar stool ideas into your home.


Wooden bar stools


Rustic Bar Stool Ideas


The rustic barstool is one of our top wooden bar stool ideas. Rustic bar stool ideas don’t have to be limited to the classic country big kitchen island you think of when you think rustic. There are other rustic bar stool ideas too, for example rustic outdoor bar stools. Rustic outdoor bar stools can look great for your shed bar, our outdoor bar. Even if you live in the city, having rustic outdoor bar stools pulled up at your backyard bar can add a real country charm.

If you are going to have outdoor bar stools then there are some outdoor  rustic bar stool ideas you should take into consideration.


  • Are they weather proofed? This goes mostly for wooden barstools. If you have timber barstools then making sure they are weatherproofed is the most important step. If you are buying them knew then you can look for outdoor bar stools made for this purpose that would be, but if you are buying second hand, making or just purchasing a barstool that you like, then you may have to weatherproof them yourself. This can be done by oiling, waxing or varnishing.
  • Outdoor covers. Whether or not your outdoor bar stools are wooden or industrial bar stools, covers are still a great idea for your outdoor bar stools. Choose covers that are waterproof, not just fabric covers. That way you’ll be able to keep your outdoor bar stools away from not just the rain and wind but also the sun which can weather your outdoor bar stools very quickly and chip away at varnish.
  • Bring them in when the weather gets bad. Even with weatherproof covers on your outdoor bar stools, a big storm and sitting in puddles of water for prolonged periods of time can really eat away at timber and rust the metal of your industrial bar stools. If you know a storm or high rainfall is coming, then pop your outdoor bar stools away in the shed or on a sheltered place on your back veranda where they won’t get knocked down by wind.


Kitchen Bar Stool Ideas


kitchen bar stools


The kitchen is probably the first place you think of when it comes to bar stools. You may already have some great kitchen bar stool ideas Imagining the family around the breakfast bar in the morning tucking into pancakes, or eating a casual dinner around the kitchen island bench. But if you don’t we’ve got many bar stool ideas for kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Here are some that we love.


Bar Stool Ideas For Kitchen Islands


Barstools that fit into the kitchen island are usually on the shorter end. This is because kitchen islands are often a little shorter than breakfast bars or bars themselves. So think about these things first when deciding on your bar stool ideas for kitchen islands.


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  • First things first with deciding on your bar stool ideas for kitchen islands, will you have bar stools on both sides of the island, or just along one side? The size of your kitchen island will depend on how many barstools you can get in there and whether you want to go four wider bar stools spread around the kitchen island, or three to four narrower bar stools on one side.
  • The next bar stool ideas for kitchen islands to think about is if your kitchen island has an overhang where the stools will sit underneath, or is it just a simple countertop that the bar stools will sit next to? If you do have an overhang you will have to determine your height using the rough guide of 25cm between the top of the stool to the bottom of your bench. If your counter does not have an overhang then you can be a little more lenient on height. Trying out the ideal height for you.
  • Do your barstools need to be kid safe? If you have a young family your kitchen bar stool ideas will revolve heavily around making sure they are safe options for your children. Young children, especially crawler or new walkers love to grab onto things to hoist themselves up. Having stable modern bar stools is essential. Often bar stools with a tapered design can help with stability. Look for cane bar stools that have wider legs at the bottom with tapper in up to the seat. This design isn’t rocked so easily and provided more stability for young kids trying to get up onto the cane bar stools. When looking for kid friendly modern bar stools it’s also important to find ones that are easily cleanable. Wooden bar stools that can be easily wiped down are a great idea because it’s safe to say they will get a fair bit of morning cereal on them over time if you have kids around!
  • Comfort is another huge factor. For some people a wooden seat or the metal seat of industrial bar stools is enough. Other people tend to find they need a little more support. Cushions can be hard on a barstool because they can more around and will often spend more time on the floor than on the seat! So, if you would like a little more cushioning it’s probably best to find an already upholstered modern bar stool. You can often choose between a linen upholstered barstool or a leather of leather look upholstered seat. The leather look is one that is easy to clean and can be a nice look for your modern bar stools.

Bar Stools For Your Business


bar stools for business


It’s not just your home that bar stools have a place in, but they can also have a place in your business. The first thing that springs to mind when someone says ‘bars stools for your business’ is of course a bar! But barstools can have a place in so much more than just a bar. You may have a café for example that has a lovely breakfast bar nook where cane bar stools fit right in. Or an outdoor café where outdoor bar stools are the perfect seating solution. But don’t limit yourself to thinking just about bars and cafes when it comes to Bar Stool ideas. Here are a few other Bar Stool ideas to get you started. 

  • The waiting room. If you have a business that has a waiting room how about ditching the traditional chairs placed statically around, and instead make a long bar with some modern bar stools placed around. This can be a great alternative and while people wait they can sit comfortably and read magazines or even charge their phones if you provide some charging sockets.
  • If you run a tech based business these Bar Stool ideas can work for you too. Having a tech bar where people can charge their devices or come and get help can be a really great Bar Stool idea. Industrial bar stools can work really well in this setting too.


Unique Bar Stool Ideas


There are plenty of unique bar stool ideas out there that can really make a statement in your home. Whether it’s the colour or design, there are unique bar stool ideas that will add a little something special to your kitchen, outdoor bar or business area.


Painting Bar Stools Ideas

colourful barstools

Perhaps the simplest unique bar stool ideas are some of these painting bar stools ideas. Giving your modern bar stools a lick of fresh paint can really brighten up the area and make for a whole new transformation in your kitchen. Try some of these painting bar stools ideas for a cheap way of freshening up your kitchen area.

  • Bold and Bright. If you have a fairly neutral kitchen colour pallet, one Bar Stool idea is to paint your existing barstools with a bright colour. A bold red, or a sea blue can add into your home an exciting pop of colour while not being too overwhelming. You can also help tie this colour in to the rest of your room with choosing things like vases or even photo frames in a similar colour. A great idea is to repaint a few other things in your kitchen with your spare paint to help tie the room together.
  • When thinking of painting bar stools ideas know that timber bar stools work best for this. You may need to fit them a sand down first if they are heavily varnished to be sure the paint will stick on nicely. You can also paint over metal but you will have to put a primer on first to make sure the paint goes on evenly.
  • white kitchen bar stool ideas. One other way for a quick kitchen refresh is to paint your existing timber cupboards and barstools. If you have a timber heavy kitchen you can lighten things up easily but adding some fresh white or cream paint. Try leaving the bench tops timber but painting the cupboards and kitchen island. Like-wise with your bar stools you can paint the legs and leave the seat wooden on paint the whole thing. White can really help freshen up a room and make it seem airier.
  • If full on white or bright colours are not really your think then just adding a subtle light colour to your wooden bar stools is also an option. Thing a pale duck egg blue or an off white. Even these small changed can make you feel like you have whole new bar stools!

Bar Stool Buying Tips


Upholstered bar stools 

Know you have plenty of Bar Stool ideas like painting bar stools ideas, unique bar stool ideas, bar stool ideas for kitchen islands and wooden bar stool ideas you are hopefully feeling more confident about the type and style of modern bar stools that you are after. Here are some final Bar Stool ideas to keep in mind when you’re buying your outdoor bar stools or modern bar stools.


best kitchen barstools


  • Strength and sturdiness. Strength and sturdiness is a big deciding factor when looking to buy bar stools. If your bar stools are going to be often used and by adults you need to make sure they are strong to support a decent amount of weight without buckling. These days there are lots of cheap furniture companies that sells products of not great quality. Do your homework and invest in good quality bar stools that will be sure to last and not cave under weight and constant use.
  • Choose the right height. We’ve said it before and it applies for all furniture not just bar stools. Choose the right height!! Make sure you measure the counter, breakfast bar, outdoor bar or kitchen island first before you make your purchase. This will help avoid getting a chair that is too high or low for your counter. It will also help avoid buying too many chairs that will squish the space. Do a check of how much elbow room you will need. This can be done using your regular dining chairs. Measure what is a comfortable space between them without having elbows touch. If your barstools are mainly for kids then you will be able to squeeze more in comfortably as they don’t need as much elbow room.
  • Choose the right style. Even though you may love a style of bar stool like cane bar stools, you need to make sure it fits the general aesthetic of your home. It’s really no good buying something that doesn’t fit with your décor just because you like it as it will throw the whole room out of balance. Industrial bar stools just won’t fit in a quaint country cottage! Be smart about what you purchase and choose styles that will fit with your existing furniture and décor. For example the State of home highline bar stools fit perfectly with the Wilbur dining chairs or Arnold dining chairs.