10 Trendy Ideas to Decorate Your Coffee Table


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There is no denying that coffee tables really are the centre piece of your entire living room and whilst they perform a very practical purpose, they are also the easiest furniture item to style up and inject some personality into your living space. We often get asked, what are some coffee table décor ideas or what are our top suggestions for coffee table centerpiece ideas? Well, whether it’s a deliciously scented designer candle, or a fabulous book filled with lust-worthy visuals, we are here to share a range of ways you can spice up your coffee table decor without spending a fortune! 


Add Height and Dimension


If you’re looking for a quick and simple way of sprucing your coffee table, then these coffee table decor ideas are for you! One of the easiest ways to spice things up is to play around with a few items of differing heights and dimensions. This is a great way to add depth to your coffee table display without having to loosen the purse strings too much. Start by incorporating 2-3 different decorative pieces from around your home like a candle, ornamental vessel or assorted trinkets. By creating organised piles and displaying items behind one another, you can quickly add drama to your coffee table look that will be quick to impress. 

As you can see in this example, the Disc Cluster naturally offers varying height and dimension which is a really unique feature that helps to add great breadth to this living room. Yet, this has been amplified through the coffee table décor items which include an array of conflicting elements to enhance further interest. Grab a couple of different items and give it a go – it’s easy as!


The Fail-Safe Book Stack


coffee table centrepiece books


If you’re after a foolproof way to create instant glamour to your coffee table décor then look no further than these coffee table centrepiece ideas for a fail-safe book stack! This simple coffee table idea is the approach that reaps big rewards, a coffee table book stack can be achieved in many different ways. Whether it’s a bunch of timeless novels you are forever re-reading or a couple of funky lifestyle books, you can really inject some of your personality through this coffee table decor idea. No matter if you are interested in fashion, travel, food or beyond, a simple stack of two or three books adds style and passion to your home. However, one big tip is to collect books in a common theme – for example, grouping books of a similar topic creates a real sense of continuity to your collection.

As you can see here, this Alexander McQueen coffee table book works fabulously on the marble Plateau Coffee Table. By elevating the existing accessories, this book helps to create different levels to the display and add a fresh pop of colour which compliments the neutral base below. Simple but so effective!


Fresh Touch of Greenery


A fresh touch of greenery is a great way to bring the outside in and give you some coffee table centrepiece ideas. Think an indoor plant, potted succulent or decorative terrarium. These simple ideas can be fool proof and last all seasons when given the right tender, loving care. 

coffee table centrepiece books

Better yet, how about some fresh blooms from your local florist or farmers market for a coffee table idea? Not only will fresh blooms add a beautiful, eye-catching element to your coffee table centrepiece ideas, they will also smell amazing! Try putting together your own arrangement for an added personal touch that will tie in perfectly with your living room décor. In this example, it’s clear the fresh greenery has been the go-to element to finish off this space perfectly! Adding shape, colour, texture and harmony, this greenery has provided a real pop of freshness and colour to an otherwise monochromatic space. If there is one thing you should remember, it’s that there are no rules when it comes to greenery. Let your individual style shine through with these coffee table ideas and embrace different tones and shapes to really make a statement in your home. 


Use Statement Accessories


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Are these coffee table centrepieces ideas still not bringing the heat to your living room? How about bringing your A-game with a statement accessory? Turn heads with a stylish, eye-catching item like a decorative ornament or vase or coffee table bowl ideas. There are so many cost-effective options available on the market today, with many department stores releasing their own homewares range with the rise of renovation shows on television. This is even a great opportunity to showcase that statement family heirloom that has been passed down through generations – makes for a great conversation piece when your friends come around! All you have to do is ensure that the item works proportionally to your coffee table. 

Not sure you’re totally nailing this one? Take a look at the surrounding space – is your statement item competing with others? One important point to note is that if everything is special, then nothing is special! Let one piece be the feature with everything else smaller and less detailed supporting the overall look. Keep this thought in mind when thinking up your coffee table ideas.



Work With Colour


timber coffee table ideas


One of the most important aspects to consider when deciphering your coffee table décor ideas is to make sure you are working with colour. Colour is such a vital element to contemplate as it helps to build a cohesive look throughout your entire living space. Start by picking out a colour in your living space and then intertwining this colour into the elements on your coffee table. Try to create at least three visual links between the surrounding room and your coffee table accessories by using the same colour in say, your cushions, artwork and books. It will work wonders for your space!

An important aspect to consider when working with colour is not every colour is the right colour! When it comes time to select your coffee table pieces, we suggest using the modern muted colour palette which involves a lot of neutral tones partnered with muted pastels or one bold colour choice. In this example you can see the pink really pops against the neutral tones giving the table a bright point of interest 


Use a Tray


Now, there is no denying that the best way to bring together a coffee table cluster is a statement tray. Not only is this an extremely practical addition to your décor, but it is also a beautiful way to elevate your coffee table and ensure everything is kept neat and tidy. So where to start? Why not try matching your living room theme with the tray. For example, if you’re building a beachy abode, look at incorporating a rattan tray or one made with natural materials to keep that earthy feel consistent. A tray is such a stylish way to keep everything organised so to us it’s a no brainer!

coffee table bowl ideas

You can see in this example that this simple tray has really brought all these individual pieces together seamlessly. Better yet, the tray ties together the colour palette perfect too. It’s a win-win!


Apply the Rule of Three


This is a very important rule that you don’t have to limit to your coffee table décor ideas, in fact, you can use it when styling throughout the rest of your home too. Applying the rule of three guarantees you have just the right amount of coffee table pizzazz without going overboard. We know just how easy it is to get excited, carried away and end up with a bunch of things you really don’t need. Limiting yourself to three key elements helps to create a cohesive vignette whilst applying one of the most failsafe tricks to interiors. Avoid the clutter and just abide by this one – trust us!

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Looking through Instagram, Pinterest or interior magazines you will quickly identify that the rule of three is used everywhere! Arrange your décor in a perfectly balanced triangle and choose pieces of similar size or shape. Seen here, the rule of three has been applied to the Latitude Coffee Table to offer a real sense of balance and symmetry to an otherwise unorganised surface. 


Add a Dash of Glamorous


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Whether you’re styling your formal living room or just keen to make your coffee table décor ideas a little bit fancy, look no further than adding a dash of glamour! As the focal point of any living room, the coffee table is the perfect place to get creative. Love the idea of taking things to the next level but not sure where to start? Think mirrored surfaces, metallic accessories or glass vases which, when incorporated in the right way, will add a little luxury to your space without overpowering the rest of the room. Pictured here, brass gold accents are such an easy way to introduce some glam! There is just something about golden details that truly elevate a space to make it feel fancy. Now, you don’t need to go all out to achieve the golden glam, instead keep it simple with a these round coffee table decor ideas to really bring the look together. 


Less is More!


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A mantra to live by in nearly every avenue of life, “less is more” really is a phrase to keep front of mind when styling your coffee table. A slogan that defines minimalism – an interior trend that encourages simplicity, purity and balanced environments – following this mantra closely will help to ensure you live clutter free! Look to apply this approach when your living room already has a lot going on by way of furniture, artwork and decorative pieces.  

So, you’re onboard but not sure where to start? Look for your décor accessories to be simple, composed of neutral tones and generate harmony when paired together. Besides adapting perfectly to any style of room, implementing the “less is more” method helps to maintain a gorgeous visual aesthetic whilst providing a sense of spaciousness to the room. There are also some beautiful coffee table bowl ideas. 

It is often surprising how the most minimal of decorative vignettes can be some of the most effective. In this example, a simple black bowl has been paired with three concrete pears to present a monochromatic arrangement that would suit a variety of different homes and interior styles. If you feel yourself getting carried away with too many pieces, simply take a step back and look at the coffee table décor ideas from a different perspective. Better yet, walk away altogether and trust you’ve made the right choices in your decorative accents. 


Keep the Finished on Theme


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When you are trying to create the home of your dreams, you soon realise that it’s actually a much harder task to achieve that it seems. Even when you have an idea of what your home should look like, in reality, it can often take a lot of work to pull together – and more budget too. So, when it comes to the finishing touches, don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Introduce décor to your coffee table whilst remaining on theme. For example, if you have a super contemporary home carry this through to your coffee table finishes. Think marble vessels, architecture books and a scented candle to tie everything together without going rogue and off track. 

For this coastal themed property, the coffee table décor is sure to sing the same song. A fresh white candle has been partnered with a huge shell and beachy copy of Real Living Magazine. The colours, textures and raw elements all combine together to perfect this beautiful beachy inspired look. 

So, when it comes to styling your coffee table it’s easy to see that the devil is in the detail. The finer elements really help to build your overall theming and complete the space perfectly. After all, you need the décor to set everything off and not disrupt the flow. If you are indecisive and forever tossing up different décor options for your coffee table, consider building a Pinterest board which will help you quickly identify what items are reoccurring and non-negotiables for you.