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What are Coffee Tables?

State Of Home knows all about the best coffee tables. Coffee tables are the perfect addition to your home living area. Designed to be shorter than a regular dining table, coffee tables are designed at just the right height to place your coffee (as the name suggests!), beverages, books, and magazines. As well as it’s functional uses, coffee tables can serve as a centrepiece to your living room. Generally taking centre stage in a room surrounded by sofas and luxe chairs, a coffee table provides the perfect place to add a stylish flair into your home. Whether it’s stacking your collection of coffee tables books (large mainly stylish photographic books which are perfect to pick up for a casual flick through) or displaying sentimental ornaments and treasures, the coffee table seems to be the place that everyone gravitates around and can even be the perfect setting for cheese platters to accompany your Friday wine and cheese nights!

In some eastern cultures, short tables similar to the European invented coffee table are used to sit around. Japanese culture, for example, has people sitting on cushions on the floor around their small tables to enjoy food, drinks, and good company. This can be another fun use for your coffee table. Not merely a piece of furniture, but something that brings people close together. And if your household is filled with game-loving kids (or adults for that matter!) a marble coffee table  with some cushions around it can be the perfect place to play board games or set up puzzles. So as you can see, there are so much more to the best coffee tables than just a place to put your hot beverage and if you want to know how to pick the right coffee table to fit perfectly and be a great combination of function and style in your space then keep reading. 

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What are the different types of Coffee Tables available?

Traditionally coffee tables were low and rectangular but these days there are many different types of coffee tables out there on the market and the best coffee tables come all different shapes and sizes. While the rectangular shape is still the most popular many people are instead opting for square and round coffee tables which will suit the style of their home and living space much better, while creating a statement.

Coffee tables also differ in height with the best coffee tables sitting around 40cm. Different coffee tables also serve different purposes. You may be looking for a coffee table that doubles as storage space, a place where you can hide remote controls, tv magazines, and coasters when they are not being used. Or you may want to opt for a sleeker design or more of a standout piece. There are statement marble top coffee tables which may not be there best for storing much expect coffee on but are there to give the room a boost, as well as your functional tables and then there are the coffee tables that get the perfect mix of style and function just right, providing a wow factor as well as being practical. Keep reading to find the best coffee tables for small spaces.

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Coffee tables also come in many different materials. While wood is quite traditional there are many takes on oak coffee tables these days. Oak coffee tables can be found in artesian boutiques and are sure to be a talking piece. There are also glass and oak coffee table combinations and well as oak and marble coffee tables which can look quite stunning.

If oak coffee tables are not your thing then think about metal, coming in a range of brass and gold to more urban looks like steel and clack coated metals. With either all metal or combinations of glass and even wood tops you can achieve a modern contemporary look in your home or a more antiquated look depending on the design.


How Coffee Tables can help Interior style

If you’re starting decoration from scratch, a marble coffee table can be a good place to start. The first step is choosing a theme, urban traditional, beach shack or whatever it is that fits you and then looking for the perfect table to match. From there you can move onto sofas and formal chairs to fill your space. Side tables can also be a great addition to a living room to fill corner spaces or spaces between sofas. A media unit is another thing to think about if you’re designing a space to include a tv. If you don’t yet have a style in mind then don’t stress, often while furniture shopping in-store or online, a coffee table can just jump out at you and hold your attention. This can also be a great place to start, by looking at the style of the coffee table you love and going from there. This will also help you find the best coffee tables for small spaces.

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Sometimes you are just looking to revamp an existing space and therefore a whole overhaul of sofas, chairs and other decretive pieces is not quite in your budget. You may be wanting a whole new look but without the price tag of a full makeover. This is where coffee tables can really be a boon, by simply adding or swapping out a coffee table to your space you can give your home a fresh new look.


Coffee Table styles for Home

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There are many different styles of coffee tables as we have mentioned. This is where looking at the existing theme of your home can help narrow the search down. If your home has already quite a classical style then you can build on that without being boring. Try a Marble top coffee table with a dark wood base which gives off a timeless but classy style to your room. If you like the more contemporary look you could try going for a round table or one with an interesting let design. The days of simple straight legs when it comes to coffee tables are over! There are so many different and unique designs out there that can turn an oak coffee table into a piece of art!

The eastern style is also a great one to try. By matching in cushions with your existing chair and sofas you can create a stylish but functional look. Or if you only have a small space to work with you can try scrapping sofas altogether and go for a more informal look with a slick oak coffee table design at the centre.


Coffee Table Styles for the Office

Coffee tables are not just an item of furniture for the home. If you work in an office environment then coffee tables can be a great look for your office space.

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Waiting Room Coffee Tables

If you have a waiting room in your office space you will want to be sure it’s a comfortable and appealing place for clients to sit. Adding in a marble coffee table in the center of your chair or sofa arrangement can help add something a little extra to the space. Decorating the coffee table with magazines, coffee table books or informational pamphlets can give clients something to do and put them at ease while they wait. And it can provide them with a place to put down that cup of coffee or tea they have been offered.


Personal Office Coffee Tables

The waiting room isn’t the only appropriate place for a coffee table in your workspace. A coffee table can enhance the area in your personal office or meeting space while creating a more relaxed and informal place for meetings with colleges and client liaisons. But putting a coffee table at the center of a chair arrangement you provide an intimate space where people can feel relaxed whilst still having a surface to put documents and laptops. A more relaxed space that’s practical too? Now that’s a win for everyone!

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Best Coffee table for you

When choosing the best coffee table for you, there are a number of things you should take into consideration to ensure you are able to pull your space together aesthetically while getting the most use out of your coffee table.


Coffee Table Size

The size will be one of the most important factors when looking for your coffee table. You may find one you love and bring it home only to find it’s too big or small for the space. To avoid this, it’s important you first measure up your space, not just the room but the distance between furniture and mark out in your home where the perfect placement will be. You need to make sure that there will be enough distance between chairs and sofas to make walking through easy. Also, check the height. If you already have quite high sofas you don’t want a very short coffee table and vice versa. Making sure you have your proportions right will ensure your coffee table will aesthetically fit into your space. If you are able to take good measurements before purchasing your coffee table in-store or online, you will know the rough dimensions of what you are looking for and avoid buying something that doesn’t fit your space.

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Coffee Table Materials

Another thing to keep in mind is the kind of materials you would like your coffee table to be made from. Look at your existing furniture to see what fits. Pairing a heavy boxy wooden coffee table in with more petite furniture would make for awkward aesthetics. You may have a personal preference of metal, wood, glass or a marble coffee table that will help you narrow down your search.


Coffee Table Storage

Decide whether or not you will be wanting to use your coffee table to double as storage. You may want to find something with draws underneath or you may already have a side table or media unit in the room that has storage capacity and may prefer the sleek design of a coffee table without draws.


Coffee Table Function

The last thing to think about is the function of the table and how that fits into your family space. If you have older children, you may want to think about a space for them to sit around to play games on. If you have young children in the house, you may want to think about a round coffee table or one with rounded edges for added safety and to avoid any nasty cuts or bumps. Think also about the sturdiness of the table. If your coffee table will be in a well-used area, make sure it is not easily knocked over and can handle having some weight on it.

If your coffee table is for a more formal room then you will be wanting something that adds some class, more of a feature table. This is where Marble coffee tables or a dark oak coffee table can really add in something special. Only you know what will fit in with your space best, so when out searching for the perfect coffee table try and keep these suggestions in mind and you will end up with the perfect piece for your home or office and the best coffee tables for small spaces.

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