Top 10 Coffee Table Ideas for Australians


Best coffee tables australia

Coffee Tables can be a central fature in your home and can help tie a room together. So, if you are looking to renovate, starting from scratch or just wanting to do a little more with your interior décor then thinking about what coffee table is right for your space is the first start. With so many different styles of coffee table out there it can be an overwhelming start. Not only to pick the style of your coffee table but also to know how to style it. With so many choices out there, we’ve tried to make things a little simpler with our guide to the top 10 coffee table ideas. From rustic coffee table ideas to coffee table color ideas, simple coffee table ideas and even choosing the ideal coffee table height for your space. Our guide has got you covered.

best marble coffee table australia




Rustic Coffee Table Ideas

Rustic coffee tables can be great statement pieces for your home. With old world charm as well as practicality, adding a rustic coffee table to your space can really set the tone and these rustic coffee table ideas will help spark your imagination. Rustic coffee tables often work best in larger style homes as the tend to be a little bigger and more solid than regular coffee tables. Rustic coffee tables are traditionally made from timber usually in a dark wood or stain. They can also include iron legs as a feature that goes with the rustic charm. If a solid timber coffee table is your kind of style then these rustic coffee table ideas are for you.



best rustic coffee tables australia


1. Solid Timber Rustic Coffee Table

Solid Timber Rustic Coffee Tables are perhaps the most popular rustic coffee tables these these solid rustic coffee table ideas will get your imagination going. Often the wood on such tables is a hard wood such as oak or jarrah and has a chunkier look to it. Thickly cut with a large grain these rustic coffee tables can be quite heavy and suit a bigger living space the best. When it comes to coffee table color ideas the solid timber coffee tables look best in a natural finish, either with the original timber oiled or a dark stain painted on. This allows the timber to shine through and truly gives it the rustic look.  Some other simple coffee table ideas for this kind of table is to give it the ‘weathered’ look. If you have quite a new chunky wooden coffee table you may way to try to age it. You can do this by once again using a timber stain. Another way to age your coffee table is by getting a little destructive. You will need:

  • A hammer
  • A mallet
  • Various sized of screws and nails

Putting a nail or screw sideways on the table, grab your hammer and whack down a few times until you start to see a slight indent. Don’t go too overboard and made huge depressions. Try this with different sizes and try to make your indents look random and not uniformed. You can also grab your mallet and wack down on your table in different places. You don’t want your surface to end up looking too uneven, but instead to have that ‘worn in’ effect.

If your coffee table is already at your ideal coffee table height then there is not much else to do, but if you find it is a little too tall you can easily saw a little of the legs. Making sure to keep your legs square so you don’t get the wobbles. Making your coffee table taller is a little trickier as tacky on extra wood rarely looks good. One way around this is again to add some industrial style wheels. You can even try and find some vintage ones to keep the rustic style of your coffee table.


2. Timber and Iron Antique Style Coffee Table

Another beautiful rustic coffee table idea is the antique look timber and iron style coffee table. These antique coffee tables are often made from old metal table frames than have then had a timber tabletop added to them and become repurposed. But this style is also available as a new coffee table. This style of rustic coffee table is generally a big feature and does well styles minimally as the table itself is the feature.

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Styling your Antique Rustic Coffee table

When it comes to styling your Antique Rustic Coffee table here are some simple coffee table ideas.

  • Candles: candles can be a cheap and effective way to help your styling. By grouping three to four candles of varying heights together and on a tray, you can create a lovely centrepiece. These candles can be switched out each season for different colours to go with a changing décor or just to keep things looking fresh.
  • Coffee table books: Coffee table books are a simple way to decorate without cluttering. Choose some of your favourites that reflect the style of your home and personality. As well as looking great they can also be the perfect thing to flick through when you have a spare moment. And they help you remain inspired.
  • If your coffee table has different levels then you may want to consider some shallow baskets for the second shelf. Shallow baskets will be able to easily hide those things you want our of sight but are too handy to be tucked right away, like tv remotes, air-conditioning remotes, keys, device chargers and such. By choosing the right baskets you can help add to your rooms style. Woven baskets, or wooden are classic options. If you are wanting to add a splash of colour then some great coffee table color ideas for your baskets can be to find colourful tins and remove the lids or some stylish plastic baskets in the colours that tie in with your décor.                                                                                                                      coffee table styling


DIY Rustic Coffee Table

There are so many Do It Yourself rustic coffee table ideas. Ranging from simple, to a little more skill needed there are plenty great DIY rustic coffee table ideas here are some we love.


The Pallet Coffee Table

The pallet rustic coffee table idea Is a favourite. The easiest to execute but with such easy charm, this simple coffee table idea is always a good idea. Things you will need to create your pallet coffee table can be,

Best pallet coffee tables

  • One to three pallets (depending on your ideal coffee table height)
  • A wood paint or stain depending on the coffee table color ideas you had in mind
  • A basic tool kit; saw, drill, screws.
  • Industrial style wheels (you can get these from some bigger hardware stores)
  • A glass tabletop if you are wanting a fancier coffee table. (This will most likely have to be custom made from a local glass store)

Finding pallets is relatively easy. Often big stores will throw older pallets out around the back, or some may have a sign up saying free pallets. If you are struggling to find one this way then some of your local buy and sell groups may be able to help. People are always trying to get rid of pallets, but for better quality ones you may have to pay a small fee.

One you have your pallets, decide on the style. This is dependent on your ideal coffee table height. If it’s a low table you are after, then the one pallet size on wheels can be very affective. Choose between topping it with a glass top or using the wood from a second pallet to fill in the gaps on the top layer to create a sturdy top.

If your ideal coffee table height is a little taller then try stacking three to four pallets on top on one another. This can be based on the ground for a very easy option, or again you could always attach wheels to the bottom to make your rustic coffee table easier to move around.

The next step is to look at your colour, depending on your coffee table color ideas you may want to keep it super rustic and go with a dark stain on the usually light pine of a pallet. Or if you wanted a bit more of a fresh look then try some white or cream paint which will bring an element of lightness to your space but still keep the rustic charm of the pallet coffee table.


4. The Door Tabletop


Another great DIY rustic coffee table idea is for a door tabletop coffee table. These types of coffee tables can really add some old world charm into your living space without breaking the bank. The first step is to find your door. You may already have the perfect old wooden door laying around in your shed and if so, well you’ve just got the hardest part out of the way with! If not here are some suggestions for a few places you can look. 

  • Your local buy and sell internet pages. These are often a great place to find something unique. Sometimes people just want to get rid of things and will give it away for free or a very cheap price. Other times if it is more of an antique which is in good condition there may be a higher price asked.
  • The local tip or tip shop. One man’s trash can really be your treasure. Tip shops have great prices too and you can really pick up a bargain.
  • Local vintage store. Some vintage stores don’t just carry clothes and homewares but a larger range of bigger items. Check yours out and see what they have instore.
  • A second-hand wrecker. Second-hand wreckers will usually carry a large range of big items such as doors and windows. The prices can really vary depending on the quality and timber doors in good condition can be very popular items, but it’s always worth taking a look and seeing if you can get yourself a great deal.

Once you have found your door it’s time to decide on your ideal coffee table height as well as size. You if you want a smaller coffee table then you may wish to trim your door down. A for your ideal coffee table height, take a look at your existing furniture and see if it’s taller or low laying. You want your rustic coffee table to look at home in its new surrounds.

Now it’s time to decide on the kind of legs you want. Do you want a chunky block wood look or something more tapered? You can go relatively simple as the tabletop is really the feature and put in some very simple legs. Hidden legs can also be an option. Hidden legs are closer to the centre, still enough to provide stability but give the effect of a floating tabletop. This way the legs do not have to be a feature also but tucked out of sight.

Thinking of your coffee table color ideas there are many options for a rustic tabletop design. The first step is to look as what you already have. Is your door already timber? And if to what it the condition? You may need to give your door tabletop a sand back to restore the natural beauty of the wood. Once that is done you can decide if you want to oil, wax, stain or varnish your table. These days there are some lovely natural waxes and oils that bring out the best in your timber with no added chemicals or need for toxic varnishes. Try a beeswax or an olive oil to a beautiful finish.

If your door is painted, then you have a few options:

  • Stay with the painted look and choose some coffee table color ideas that go with your existing décor.
  • Sand the paint right back until you are down to the original timber. This can be very time consuming and difficult if your vintage door has had many coats of paint on it in it the past.
  • The distressed ‘shabby chic’ look. This look works perfectly which tables that have had many coats of paint on them over the years. The best way to achieve this look is with an electric sander. Slowly work your way over the door concentrating on certain sections so that the paint will be more stripped back in some areas than others. This takes time but the results can be stunning. Keep stepping back to look how the effect looks overall. It’s all about having balance.

5. Marble coffee tables


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If your home is screaming out for a little sophistication then this is so easily achievable with a beautiful marble coffee table. Work out your ideal coffee table height you can look online or in stores for your perfect marble coffee table. There are a few coffee table color ideas for marble coffee tables. These are mostly a light timber with a white marble table top or a dark timber and a black marble table top. The colour you choose is up to your personal taste. If your house has a light and airy feel to it then the white is a definite. If you have more of a dark wood theme then a black marble table top will look stunning.

State of Home have some amazing classy marble coffee tables like the Large Double Bay coffee table and the small Double Bay coffee table.


Timber Coffee Tables

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simple coffee table ideas are mostly found in a classic timber coffee table like the Plateau Coffee Table. Simplistic designs and sleek silhouettes can be the perfect simple coffee table idea. When you are after a simple coffee table that fits in to your space but does not need to be the main feature of it.


Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables can be a great look for a smaller area. The glass helps give the illusion of having more space. When buying a glass coffee table, it is important to look for something that it is good quality. The last thing you want it your glass coffee table cracking or shattering on an unsuspecting person. Choose your design carefully. Do you want a round, rectangular or oval shape? Glass coffee tables can also come in some more unconventional shapes like rounded triangles. These can help create more of a statement in your space.

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Styling your Glass Coffee Table

To style your glass coffee table it is better to try some simple coffee table ideas for styling. These can be: 

  • Simple vases. Try vases in different coloured glass for a pop of colour. A grouping of vases can look very effective. Choose vases of varying shapes and sizes to make an ideal coffee table height setting
  • You may want to have a display tray on your glass coffee table to stop things sliding away and keep your ornaments styled together. You can choose a theme, be it autumn, ocean theme, or woodlands. Select some pieces that reflect this theme and style them together. The great thing about trays is they are easy to change up when you feel like a change in your space.

Metal Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular with the industrial urban theme that has become quite on trend over the years. You can choose from an industrial black iron. Or if you are after something with a little more class, a combination of brass and glass can create a retro art deco style which can be beautifully styled.


Colourful Coffee Tables

If your home is screaming out for some colour then try these simple coffee table ideas. coffee table color ideas can come from your surrounds. If your house is quite neutrally styled then try buying new a colourful coffee table to liven things up. Another option is to repurpose your old coffee table. If you have a timber coffee table that is looking a little worse for wear then a fresh coat of a paint could be just what it needs to liven it up.

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Unique Coffee Tables

There are some many unique coffee tables. Keep your eyes out when shopping at thrift stores, going to jumble sales or perusing local buy and sell sites. You never know what may be waiting for you!

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