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District Upholstered Dining Chair

Looking for upholstered dining chairs in Australia? Inspired by a modern industrial style, the District Dining Chair is the perfect addition to your home. Upholstered in on-trend shades of powder grey, charcoal and navy, this piece is sleek but high impact.

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A contemporary shape that ensures comfort and usability, the District dining chair makes a statement without being too showy. Designed to be used, the District design is a kid-friendly upholstered dining chair that in no way looks childish! A sophisticated take on mid-century design, the district dining chair is a win for any contemporary home.


The District upholstered dining chair Melbourne features our sleekest design and whilst there are plenty of upholstered dining chairs in Australia, these metal upholstered dining chairs feature a slim frame that is not overcomplicated. The black metal wiring curves to sit flush along the floor and makes use of well-placed rubber guards that do not in any way detract from the design but instead blend in seamlessly. Creating a stylish frame with the added bonus of being scratch and mark free. So, if you are a wooden floor owner there is no need to worry about damage, and if you have a more contemporary concrete floor the rubber guards make sure there will be no awful grating noises when sliding your District metal upholstered dining chairs in and out. Another amazing feature of the District dining chair is the upholstery. Coming in three different shades, the District dining chair has a luxe woven upholstery that is easily cleaned and wiped down without leaving stains.



The District metal upholstered dining chair sits at a height of 57 x 45 x 83. Sliding in perfectly underneath our Compass and Compass II dining tables.

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The District upholstered dining chairs Australia, currently comes in three main designs. The Black Wire & Navy Weave, Black Wire & Charcoal and Black Wire & Powder Grey. Each of these chairs features a coated black metal wire frame that is sturdy and strong despite its width. Attached to this metal frame along the bottom are our scratch free rubber guards to ensure durability of the metal and the safety of your floor. The woven upholstery that features in all three of our colours ways, is a weave which has a soft and luxurious feel to it as well as being incredibly durable. Our District upholstered dining chairs Melbourne,  also feature a padding technology that allows for maximum comfort without ‘wearing in’.


Style Notes


This mid-century upholstered dining chair style with its updated colour palette fits perfectly in a contemporary or urban home. Giving your space an inspiring flash of vintage without being kitsch. Pair your district metal upholstered dining chair with our round Compass and Compass II style dining tables to give you maximum space in your living area. Having no arm rests, the District metal upholstered dining chair makes it a great space saving chair, perfect for smaller living spaces. And, if you have a large family or love entertaining, the District dining chair will give you maximum space around your dining table. The rubber guards on the bottom of the District upholstered dining chairs Melbourne, means your floor is already protected without carpet or a rug, but short haired rugs can also be a stunning addition to your living space. Choose a floor rug under your dining table that extents wide enough to comfortably sit your dining chairs on, which can  also help the interior style of your home. A floor rug can add a pop of colour or help maintain a colour palette throughout the home. If you have an open-plan living zone, having a rug in your dining area can help provide a subtle separation of spaces that can also look very effective.


Bucket Upholstered Dining Chair

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Boasting a solid timber frame with plush fabric upholstery, the Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair adds textural contrast and visual interest to your dining space. Made for the diner who loves to take their time, savouring the dining experience, these oak look upholstered dining room chairs provide a high level of comfort while still being a practical everyday chair.

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The Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair features an ever-so rounded back that curves elegantly around the square base of the seat into blocked arms. In differing shades of our signature upholstered weave, the bucket oak upholstered dining room chair presents a stunning seat. With its strong and simple black oak look and well-wearing padding, the Bucket dining chair presents a no-frills chair that sacrifices neither style nor comfort.



At 55 X 54 X 80 the Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair sits slightly lower and wider than your average dining chair. This makes it the perfect chair for modern low-ceilinged homes and gives the Bucket upholstered dining chair a luxe vintage look.



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Our Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair comes in an oak finish with a solid ash wood frame. This strong wood is durable with a beautiful grain that looks amazing natural or stained. The stunning classic black oak look frame of the Bucket dining chair is complimented by luxurious upholstery. Easy to wipe down and keep looking new, the Bucket dining chair will not age. With soft but sturdy internal foam padding the Bucket dining chair will keep its shape, providing support without sinking and is the perfect chair for spending hours around the dinner table with good wine and great company.


Styling Tips

A modern and fresh update on the classic French upholstered dining chair, the Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair has a way of bringing old world luxe into your home without looking over the top. With three on-trend shades you are sure to match up your bucket dining chairs to your home interior. The Black Oak & Espresso dining chair features a soft brown upholstery which exudes charm, perfect for creating warm tones within your house. The Black Oak & Frost colour way can mix well in an industrial style home. With its whiteish-grey upholstery the Wilbur dining chair blends in perfectly with neutral coloured and dark wood surrounds. The last colour way of Black Oak & Dove can be styled many ways. It’s gentle dove grey with the slightest blue tinge can give your room a subtle pop of colour. Standing out even against white walls.

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The Arnold upholstered dining chair is a true feature on its own so it’s important when styling your dining area to match it with a dining table that compliments but does not detract from the chair. An elaborate table paired with the bucket upholstered dining chairs Melbourne, would run the risk of causing your space to look too cluttered or over the top. Instead, try pairing your Bucket oak upholstered dining room chair with a simple but sleek dining table, letting the chairs shine. Our Vincent Dining Table has clean and sophistic lines, the perfect juxtaposition against the slight curve of the bucket dining chairs making them a match made in heaven. With the black oak of the table tying in with the black oak legs of the chair, dove, frost or espresso upholstery gives the break in texture that lets these pieces merge seamlessly. Large enough to comfortably seat the Bucket dining chairs around without banging elbows the pairing of these two styles of furniture is sure to give your home the look of understated grandeur.

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