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Different types of Dining Tables available?

Dining tables are in many ways the centrepiece of the home. A place where morning afternoon and night the family gathers around the dining table and chairs. Gathering for breakfast in the morning around the dining table set before everyone heads off for the day, doing after school homework while eating snacks, sharing the news of the day at the evening meal, the dining table and chairs is where everyone comes together. Often having more than the one use of eating, dining tables often transform into another office desk, a craft table and place to put together school science experiments! When shopping for a dining table Melbourne, there are so many different kinds but you will be sure to find one that perfectly fits the needs of you and your family.

Dining tables come in many different shapes sizes and forms. From the traditional wooden dining table top extendable dining tables for small spaces. Glass dining tables for something a little bit fancy or marble dining table for your formal dining area. There are even concrete dining tables for the more urban home or outdoor dining tables for summertime entertaining.


Choosing the right dining table

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Choosing the right dining table and chairs is important. So, what are the options? Some dining tables come in a dining table set. This means you purchase the dining room table along with matching chairs. This can be an easy solution and make choosing your dining table set a lot quicker. However, dining table set is not always to everyone’s taste. You may want your dining table and chairs to be a bit more of a feature so buying your dining table and chairs separately may be a better option. Or perhaps you already have dining chairs you love but need an update on a dining room table. Buying a dining room table separately can give you more options for size and style but you can also find dining chairs that match in well with your modern dining table. You may even choose to have a dining room table with bench seats which are an increasingly popular option for outdoor dining tables and larger families who want to fit everyone around comfortably. With a range of different materials and styles to choose from narrowing down which dining room table or dining table set will be good for you can be tricky. But follow these guidelines and it should make things a little more clear.


How Dining Tables can help Interior style?

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Modern dining tables can be a huge part of the interior style of your home. The dining room table is usually in a prominent position in your home and taking up a fair amount of space is nothing hidden in the corner. You can, however, make the most of its prominent position by choosing a modern dining table that showcases your style and is a feature in your home for the better. Dining room tables are always complimented by dining chairs so deciding how matching you want to be, helps. Many companies make ranges of dining room tables and dining chairs that have many options to match up. There are a few tricks to use when styling your dining room table.


Dining Table Rugs

Using a rug under your dining table set can be both practical and stylish. If you have wooden, tiled or a concrete floor you will know it there is a tendency for these surfaces to get rather cold underfoot especially in winter. By adding a rug under your dining table and chairs, you are helping to block out some of that cold air and ensure that dinner time is as comfortable as possible and doesn’t keep you shivering. Rugs can also be great to add a splash of colour to neutral rooms. If you have a wooden table on a wooden floor you may like to break it up a bit by adding a rug to give the room something extra. Take care though when choosing your rug that it is a shorter-haired kind. Something too fluffy can keep old food hidden in it and be hard to clean. Go for a short-haired rug that is easy to vacuum and something in patterns and darker colours that are able to hide stains easier. The size of your rug is also important. Make sure it is not only big enough to hold your table on, but also your dining room chairs. As an added bonus a rug can also help preserve your wooden floors from any dining table and chair scratches!

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Dining Table Runner

The humble table runner is well underrated these days. As well as helping brighten a modern dining table, a table runner can help ad a theme (think red or gold for Christmas!) Table runner offer a more practical use also. A great place to keep your centerpiece on without it leaving marks, or alternatively a good place to store condiments. Table runners are easily washable so it doesn’t much matter if some sauce gets spilled on them here or there, just make sure you’ve got a great stain removing detergent!


Dining Table Cover

If you have an outdoor dining table, you may want to consider a dining table cover. An outdoor dining table cover can help ensure that while your outdoor dining table is not being used it’s not collecting mounds of dust, dirt or being used as a storage shelf for things that could leave stains, marks or scratches on it. By using an outdoor dining table cover you can make alfresco dining so much easier. Instead of having to wipe the outdoor dining table down each time you want you to use it, and we all know wiping off a few weeks’ worths of dust takes time and a lot of rags! You can find outdoor dining table covers in linens, thin plastics or thicker plastics. Determining how exposed your outdoor dining table is to the weather will help you make the right choice. Be aware also to look for the dining table covers with elasticated edges, making sure your cover will stay on even in the wind.

You may also wish to consider a dining table cover for your formal dining table set. If you have a formal dining room in your home which is only used for special occasions, using a dining table cover or table cloth can be a great way to ward off the dust so you can be prepared for any last-minute dinner plans. It also has the advantage of helping preserve wooden tables colouring if the table is in view of windows which can let in light that may colour your table in patches over time.


Dining Table styles for Home


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There are many different dining table and chairs styles, the key is picking the one that best suits your style and needs. Traditionally dining table sets come in rectangle, oval or round but these days you will find that the once classic oval shape is moving over and making from for a square-shaped dining table. The shape that you choose will mostly depend on the size and shape of your room. If you have a longer dining room, then a rectangle dining table set is certainly best. In smaller rooms, a round marble dining table can save on space while still being stylish and a square table is perfect for open plan living. Take a look at your space and see what shape will work best for you. See if you will need a space-saving dining table and chairs or if you have the room to be more decadent and get a 6 seater dining table or even an 8 seater dining table for your home.


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Once you have decided on the shape it is time to think about dining table design. Timber dining table and chairs are a classic and you can choose the type of wood, such as pine, oak, jarrah or wandoo depending on the colours you want in your home. Rustic dining tables often are stained to make the wood darker or more ‘worked in’. If you are after more of a modern dining table, you can always go for a black dining table either in painted wood or metal to go with a more urban theme. If it is class you’re looking for nothing beats a marble dining table. A dark or light marble dining table top can be complemented by white or black legs or even a light oak. There are some great companies doing marble dining tables in Perth. Glass dining tables are still a popular choice, but something you may want to consider before purchasing one is if there are any little rug rats in your home that may be prone to slamming things down on the table or bumping heads on the corners. As well as style it is important you look at the function and how usable your table will be especially if it is an informal marble dining table.


Dining Table styles for the Office

A dining table does not just have to be limited to the home. There are many modern dining table styles that fit right into the office environment also. Conference tables can be drab and dull and swapping out a generic ‘office’ looking conference tables for a modern marble dining table or even a glass top dining table can add an instant update to your work area. As well as for the formal office, your staff will surely appreciate a lovely non-rickety plastic table for their break room. Round dining table designs are the best for this, saving space and fitting in perfectly to smaller rooms.

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Dining Table sizes

Dining tables come in a range of sizes starting small with your 4 seater dining table moving up to your average 6 seater dining table and then for the bigger families 8 seater dining tables and 12 seater dining tables. Of course, the size of your dining table will greatly depend on two things, how many people you want to seat and the space you have in your dining room. If you have a larger home and a smaller family think not just about how many people you want to seat but also the space you have to fill. A family of four’s dining table may look almost too small for a bigger space. Remember also that informal dining tables are often used for far more than dining. Maybe you only have three or four people to seat but that new puzzle you have may take up a lot more space! If you have the room, always go slightly bigger than you think you need. You never know when you may want to throw a dinner party! If your house is on the smaller side but you still have quite a few people to seat around it, consider an extension dining table. These versatile tables can extend to allow two to four more seats around your dining table. On a regular day you may have the extension hidden and then when you are having more of a formal dinner with guests of family there is the option to expand.

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