Dining Table Ideas: What is Best For Your Home?


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The dining table – a classic piece of furniture that serves a very practical purpose. Used daily as a place to bring the entire family together for meals and to talk, share and laugh, there is no denying that it’s a very important piece that should be well considered. Yet, whilst there is no doubt it’s an integral piece of furniture, the dining table is frequently overlooked when it comes to its styling capabilities. So we’re heere to help you with informal and formal dining table decorating ideas.


When it’s not being used for eating, the modest dining table offers a huge expanse of empty space just crying out for some love and styling attention. Here, we will provide you with the ultimate how-to guide for finding the perfect dining table and styling it to perfection with our modern dining table design ideas! In no time you will be able to take your usage of this space way beyond meal times and have it as a gorgeous focal feature in your home.




Aspects to Consider when Selecting the Right Table 


modern dining table design ideas



So, how to choose the right dining table for your home? There really are endless factors to consider when weighing up different options. I’d suggest starting with the dining room itself and nutting out some finer details. How big is the room and what shape is the space? Is it a place for casual meals or more of a formal dining room? how much room do i need around a chair and table? If you’re a little short on space, then we have the perfect hack for you! Look for dining table options with the right table top and base to suit your space. If you’re looking to maximise the use of space, then opt for a table with legs or even one with a glass top that reflects air and light, toying with the overall perception of space. If you’re lucky enough to be working with a generous space, then get creative with a solid base. There are so many trendy options available that will help to inject some major personality into your place.These aspects are each important to consider as they will aid you in selecting the right setting for the right space and once outlined the decision process seems a little easier.



Now, you’re weighing up whether to go with a round or rectangular dining setting. The beauty of this dilemma is there is no right answer! You have the freedom to go with whatever option sings to you the most. However, if you are looking for a rule of thumb to follow, here are our pointers…

Typically, round is best when working with a square room or when you’re short on space. Round is also the perfect choice for casual family meal areas as it encourages informal dining and easy conversation for everyday living. However, rectangular tends to be the more versatile choice as it can be easily transformed from daily dining space to a spot for more formal affairs.




how much room do i need around a chair and table?


Another important factor to deliberate is size, which can be detrimental to a dining space if not given careful consideration. Start by thinking about how many people will be dining at the table. If it’s just two people, a common mistake is automatically assuming you only need a small table. What about family that visit or when you’re looking to entertain guests? And what is your ideal dining table height?


On the other hand, if you have a large family and frequently host dinner parties, you might be thinking you need a huge dining table. This is where we would suggest an extendable table which means you can accommodate larger groups when the time comes. Often people ask, “But, how much room do I need around the dining table and chairs?!” Unfortunately, there is no set formula but our unwritten rule is to allow roughly 60cm of room around the edge of the table per person, which allows everyone to sit at the table comfortably and enjoy their dining experience fully.


Dining Chairs

Now for the fun, and probably most important part, the dining chairs! As you ponder different chair options, remember what matters most is that the chair is comfortable. Whilst this can vary massively from person to person, it will quickly help you identify what chairs are an instant no-no and what stand for a chance at victory!


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Popular these days is a dining armchair, like the Zed or Son of a Gun Chair – they’re comfortable and have instant appeal. An armchair can be a very aesthetically pleasing option and is particularly great for formal dining rooms that tend to be a little fancier. However, they’re not so great if your dining room is a touch on the tight side. Armchairs incline to take up more space and can make getting around the dining space a little tricky so make sure you only opt for these if your space allows.

If you’re looking for another options, think an armless dining chair such as the District or Layar Dining Chairs. Whilst these are also a very stylish option, they are known to tuck nicely beneath the table, allowing for much more space to be utilised. Think about the ideal dining table height to fit these chairs in.

Another great option to consider is bench seating, which can be built-in or part of your dining setting. Benches are a much less formal seating option so are a great fit for casual meal zones such as a breakfast nook. They’re great for utilising space whilst maximising the number of people your setting can sit. For example, a bench might seat two adults but three kids which is a sense of adaptability that standard chairs don’t offer.



Styling Your Dining Table


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So, now you’ve got the perfect dining table for your home but not sure what to do with it… Well, think of these modern dining table design ideas like a dining table centrepiece is simply a non-negotiable and we have some stylish dining table design tips for you to give your space that extra pizzazz it deserves!


Plants, Flowers & Fruits


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Now, this is a quick and easy formal dining table decorating idea styling fix which will help you inject some life and love into your dining room in no time! As a super natural and very colourful tool, styling with plants, flowers or fruits can make quite the statement whilst incorporating some simple, paired-back beauty too. As seasonal produce, you can constantly rotate the fruit or florals to perfectly reflect the beautiful tones of the outside world on your own dining tabletop.


When it comes to plants, go for something that is lush, vibrant and oversized to really help you make a statement. Indoor plants are ever-so-popular in interiors right now, so there is no end of options available to you. Just make sure when you’re selecting the right pot to house your plant that you’re opting for something that will contrast with your table. For example, if you’ve got a table similar to our Latitude Dining Table in Black Oak, then opt for a timber or concrete pot to mix your textures up.


If you would prefer to opt for some florals, save yourself a trip to the florist by looking in your backyard or neighbourhood for some fresh blooms or foliage first. There are most likely no-end to beautiful many options surrounding you when you actually look. Yet, if fake florals are more your jam, then don’t hesitate! They are a great low maintenance option that will bring some beautiful colour and freshness to your dining space.


Styling a Vignette


If you are a busy bee and don’t want to be constantly clearing dining table centrepieces from your table then consider creating a vignette cluster that serves a practical purpose. Achieve this by grouping your essentials together in the centre of the table, like salt, pepper, coasters, placemats and napkins layered on a marble or timber tray. Not only will this save you time each day, but if you select the right items, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching visual display perfect for your dining table top. This is one of our favoutire modern dining table design ideas.


Vessels of Every Shape and Size


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Another modern dining table design idea, no matter the finish, are vessels. Vessels are perfect for grouping together in the centre of a dining table. Ceramic, timber, metal or glass, grouping a trio of vessels of different shape and size is a simple but effective way of adding some style to your tabletop. The key is to group items together in odd numbers to make them more artistically appealing to the eye, whilst varying height and shape to keep the cluster interesting. Just be sure to keep the material consistent to ensure a cohesive look!



The final essential to your dining room is, of course, your tableware! A coordinated dinner set is a fantastic way to inject some life and personality into your dining room whilst still providing a practical purpose. Matching plates, bowls and mugs will guarantee a consistent theme and help to simplify meal time. The best part is, there are just so many different options available! Will you go for a timeless all white option, or perhaps an ornate fine china? The most important thing to remember is keep colour to a minimum unless you are super confident – you don’t want too much colour distracting from your mouth-watering cooking!


Styling Your Dining Room 


Now that you have your table and tabletop décor sorted, it’s time to get creative with the rest of your dining space!  There really is so much you can add to make the space an ultra-functional everyday dining or entertaining space. And here are some formal dining table decorating ideas that will help you do just that.

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Pendant Lighting

When it comes to formal dining table decorating ideas, let’s start with lighting! Sometimes it’s not about what is on the table, but what is above it! Feature pendant lighting is a wonderful way to create a beautiful style statement in your dining room and is definitely a trendy way to elevate your space.

There are so many different incredible options available today so make the most of it and get creative! When selecting the right pendant for your space, remember to work with the shape and scale of your table and keep your pendant choice cohesive with the existing interior aesthetic. For example, if you have a classic, federation style home, perhaps a crystal chandelier is the way to go. Or, if you’re working with a super contemporary interior, then a modern design is probably the right choice. The last thing to consider is investing in the ability to adjust the lighting. Installing a dimmer will ensure you can adjust the lighting to suite all moods and times of day. The last thing you need is harsh overhead lights that make your guests feel uncomfortable in the glare!


Bar Carts


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Another formal dining table decorating idea and one thing you definitely need in a dining space is storage and bar carts have become increasingly popular of late. Not only are they uber-stylish, but they also help to neatly store all your glassware and alcohol bottles in one, practical space. Not to mention the fact that they can be transported from room-to-room, offering ultimate flexibility! Bar carts come in many different shapes and styles and our suggestion would be finding one that simply compliments your interior style, without overpowering the rest of the space. For example, consider a cart with a brass or matte black finish. These will blend seamlessly into your space, whilst adding the perfect amount of glamour.


Built-in or Stand-alone Cabinetry

Another fantastic storage option – should space allow – is cabinetry. Whether it’s built-in seamlessly to the room or a stand-alone feature such as a buffet or console unit, cabinetry offers no end of room for all your tableware, glasses, crockery and more. Investing in storage helps to eliminate clutter by keeping all of your goodies neatly stacked away so your dining table and décor can really shine! This modern dining table design idea is a great option for bigger households or those who often entertain as all of your seasonal items can be effortlessly stored, such as your Easter or Christmas themed dinner sets which aren’t needed year-round.




dining room art


Whether you decide on one statement piece or a cluster of smaller, framed pieces, artwork is a no brainer and a perfect compliment to your modern dining table design ideas! It can really help to establish a sense of personality in your dining room, making the space more personal and a reflection of you. Opt for pieces that can brighten the space, without overpowering or dominating the space. A great option is framed images from cities around the globe or places you have visited on holiday – they are wonderful for conversation starters whilst reminiscing over wonderful memories with family and friends.