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Compass Round Dining Table

With a modern clean lined design, the Compass small Round Dining Table is simplicity and style rolled into one. In dark wood or natural the Compass Round Dining timber Table easily fits into your home providing a functional centerpiece.


Our round timber dining table is perfect for every occasion. From casual lunches to formal dinners the compass round timber dining table is the perfect companion. As dining tables are the most used piece of furniture in your house, we have designed the Compass small Round Dining Table to be strong and sturdy and to lend its own effortless style to your home.

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Combining clean lines with contemporary style, our Compass round timber Dining Table features a generously sized veneer tabletop with cross leg support for extra support and durability. This round oak dining table is essential if you want to give the illusion of space without having to sacrifice it. small round dining tables are the perfect addition to a smaller home and the Compass round dining table for 6 fits everyone in while still allowing tabletop and floor space.



The Compass round timber dining table has a spacious width of 140cm while the dining table height is 75cm. Our round marble dining tables allow for more floor space while not having to give up on the elbow room.

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Keeping durability and stability forefront in mind, we have designed the Compass round timber dining table using a quality MDF with veneer top, solid ash wood legs and finished with stainless steel screws. For floorboard protection plastic floor protectors are included and to make delivery easier, some assembly Is required.



The are many ways to style your small round dining table. This will also depend on your floor plan and where you have your round dining table set situated. If you situate your round oak dining table in a more central position in the room, you may wish to consider a round floor rug to help distinguish the dining space and set it apart. If you do decide to go for the look of a floor rug make sure your rug has plenty of width and is able to fit your dining chairs around it also. Another thing to consider with a floor rug is having something with relatively short hair that is easy to vacuum. Nothing more frustrating than having long-haired fibers that spilled food can accidentally get stuck in! One more thing to consider with a floor rug for your round oak dining table is the colour. If you choose a Natural Compass small Round Dining table then you will want to keep your colours on the lighter side, although be careful to find something that won’t easily show up stains. 

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And if you go for the Black Oak round timber dining table then you will want to choose a darker colour scheme, think deep reds, dark blues or greens. Setting up your dining table you will, of course, have to consider dining chairs. If it’s a round dining table for 4 or a round dining table for 6 will depend on the width of your chairs and whether they will be armed or not. If you are going for a round dining table for 4 then dining chairs with arms and a little more width like our Bucket Dining Chair could be a great and spacious option for you. If you decide you want to go for around dining table for 6 then a dining chair that is a little more streamline like the District Dining Chair or the Hans Dining Chair. whether you’re looking for a round dining table Australia wide, State Of Home has you covered.



Compass Two Round Dining Table

Keep your home feeling fresh and updated with the latest Compass Round marble Dining Table, the Compass Two. With the same signature quality of the original Compass small Round Dining table, this round timber dining table comes in Black Oak and Natural to fit your style.

round timber dining table 



The Compass Two Round Dining Table for 6 offers a sleeker design in the way the legs are created. Using a tripod shape instead of the traditional four legged Compass Dining Table, the Compass Two Round Dining Table offers more foot space and a softer less heavy look to it, while still providing the same stability and durability of the original.

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With all the features of our original Compass Dining Table, the Compass II offers a grander veneer tabletop to ensure the entire family can enjoy dining with Compass. Offered in a Black Oak and a Natural Timber look the Compass Dining table can match up with a range of our State Of Home Dining Chairs.



The Compass Two Round Dining Table has the same spacious width of 140cm and a tabletop height of 75cm. Having thinner legs that do not reach as far as the original table also gives the Compass Two Round marble Dining Table more leg space and more chance to fit a few extra guests around!



A beautiful timber veneer tabletop over solid ash wood legs provides the perfect top for the Compass Two large round dining table. With complimentary plastic floor protectors to make sure your wooden floor doesn’t end up with any nasty scratches and easily shippable parts, the Compass Two Round Dining Table requires some assembly.



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Just like the original Compass Dining Table, the Compass Two Round Dining Table can be used as a round dining table for 6 or a 4 seater round dining table set. Chairs like our Wishbone Dining Chair in Black Oak go perfectly around the Compass Two black round dining table when used as a four-seater. And our Natural Oak look can be made even more modern by creating a round dining table set with State Of Home’s Layar Upholstered Dining Chair also in Natural but with a Powder Grey or Charcoal seat. Styling the top of a round marble dining table can be fun with plenty of chances to get creative. If your home has a more casual seaside theme to it and you are going with the Compass Two timber Round Dining Table then making a centerpiece with glass bottles and seagrass can make quite a statement and give a desired coastal vibe to your home. If you are wanting to create centerpieces then try to find a round doily or placemat that goes with the theme you want to create to hold the centerpiece on, that way you will avoid scratched and have a designated area to work with. Beautiful fruit bowls can go well as a centerpiece also and it’s a great way to subtly change colours with the seasons. For a more formal arrangement, a small vase with fresh flowers always looks stunning and classy. Dried flowers can also be a great option as they will keep longer and if arranged correctly still give off a natural beauty look. When arranging your flowers make sure you don’t pick a vase too tall as it will be more likely to obscure faces and make conversation a little more difficult. If it’s round dining tables Australia you are looking for then State Of Home is the right place for you.