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What are Occasional Chairs?

Occasional chairs are traditionally for use in more formal occasions in a formal sitting room area. But these daysLuxury occasional chairs Australia wide can be used as accent pieces to add something special to your lounge or sitting room area. As well, unlike the occasional chairs of old, these days you can find a range of modern designs that keep in mind comfort as well as style.

Occasional chairs are created to fit into any part of your home, combining looks with function. Comfy occasional chairs can be placed to fit in with a sofa lounge set as a feature piece or as a stand-alone chair in a bedroom, library or a nook in your house that just needs something a bit extra.


What are the different types of Occasional Chairs available?

There are many different Accent and occasional chairs Australia wide  available that are sure to suit whatever home you have. Oz design Occasional chairs can come in a high back style with no arms, think along the lines as your own royal throne! VintageLuxury Occasional chairs in this style often come in velvet and hardwood. There is also the high back armchair, again very regal looking and a great looking feature but perhaps not the most comfortable of chairs if you want to settle in with a good book.

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If it is comfy occasional chairs you’re looking for, sometimes a shorter backed armchair may be what you are after. These can come in a range of different designs and fabrics. From the fuller fabric and cushioning chairs that will have you sinking into them and possibly have you nodding off to sleep before the end of the page! To plush leather which will make you wish you owned a velvet pipe and slippers! There are also less formal styles of occasional chairs. The luxe takes on director’s chair style in fabric weave or vegan leather will add a nice accent to a room without being too overwhelming in size. These can be perfect for smaller spaces in modern homes.


How Occasional Chairs can help Interior style

Luxury occasional chairs not only provide practical seating in your home but they can help add something special to your space in the form of a feature.Oz design occasional chairs are made to stand out to a degree. This doesn’t mean that all comfy occasional chairs need to be bright, vibrant and imposing. A feature can also match in with the tones and style of your space, not overwhelming it but at the same time adding a focal point to the room.

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Luxury occasional chairs are also perfect for filling that empty space you may have around the house. Sometimes staircases have an awkwardly large landing spot halfway up. An occasional chair can be a perfect feature tucked in the corner to give the space a lift. Likewise, in the bedroom. You may have a bay window area, not quite big enough for a bay window seat, but looking a little empty with nothing at all. This could also be a perfect place for one or even two occasional chairs and a lovely place to sit in the mornings and enjoy a cup of coffee in peace or wind down in the evenings before bed.

If you are lucky enough to have a library or larger study in your house, why not fill it with a couple of comfy occasional chairs? Choosing a chair that is comfortable to sit and read in so it is not just purely ornamental can give you a nice retreat away from the bustle of the house. Put a couple in there and you’ve created a very impressive space to entertain guests or even for at-home business meetings.


Occasional Chairs styles for Home

Luxuary Occasional chairs do not just have to be contained to the quieter or formal areas of the home they can also be perfect when paired with sofas or coffee tables on lounge rooms or living areas. You can use your comfy occasional chairs to add a pop of colour to neutral settings in your living room. For example, if you have a cream or grey coloured palette in your living room with the sofas, rugs, and walls, try adding a blue occasional chair lift the room. You can also try trying in this colour to cushions for your sofa and ornaments for your coffee table or side table.  This method can also work in reverse. If you already have quite a busy living area where you have a feature coffee table or sofa, an occasional chair can still tie in perfectly, just be sure to choose a more neutral style and colour that goes with the existing theme of the room.


Occasional Chairs styles for the Office

The Home is not the only place an Australian occasional chair or two will fit perfectly into. Your office space could also provide the perfect setting for comfy occasional chairs and help lift a bland or sterile office into something stylish, eye-catching and inviting that is sure to impress clients and your staff alike.

If you have a waiting area, filling it with a small and simple sofa, coffee table and then offsetting it with a Luxury occasional chair can give your area an element of class and luxury without having to spend big bucks on an expensive sofa. Even if you already have existing furniture in your waiting area, the simple addition of one or two black occasional chairs in a bold pattern can instantly give the room an exciting lift.

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A waiting area is not the only place for occasional chairs within the office space. Your own personal office can also be a great place to add some class and a little liveliness to the room.  If you’ve got a bare corner, why not fill it with an occasional chair with colours to complement your space. A comfy occasional chair can add a homely yet still sophisticated element to your office by providing comfort for reading through papers and a different space to move around and sit to get your ideas flowing, or a much-needed break.

Another way you can utilize Australian occasional chairs in your office or meeting space is by having a few around a coffee table or small round dining table where clients or future employees can come and sit down with you in a relaxed and comfortable environment while you get down to business. Offering comfortable seating can help put people at ease, while also adding to the aesthetics of your office by turning a space that may be quite sterile into somewhere personal and inviting.

If you have a lot of across the desk meetings with client’s, then you may want to consider an Oz design occasional chair for yourself or your clients or even both! Style-wise however it is always better for balance to have different, but complementary Australian occasional chairs on either side of the desk. Start with the kind of chair you will feel comfortable in, is it a high or low back? Does it have arms or no arms? Is it leather, PU (vegan leather) or a fabric weave? Take time in considering this, after all, you will be the one spending the most time in your chair. Once you’ve made a decision on your chair, it’s time to think about the chairs facing you. Even if you mostly see one person at a time, having two black occasional chairs opposite will bring balance to the room. Now try finding chairs to complement yours. If your chair has arms, try matching it with armless occasional chairs, if your chair is patterned then be sure to have neutral fabric to match with it. One thing you may want to keep the same however is chair height. Its important chair height does not differ too much between chairs. A 10 -15 cm difference is always okay but getting any bigger than that then one chair starts to become a lot more imposing than the others. In an office setting your chair is generally the taller of the chairs in the room, but still, you don’t want to be too throne-like in your office or it may be too intimidating or make the space feel very small around you.


Best Occasional Chairs for you

Sometimes you stumble upon that perfect piece of furniture when you’re not even looking and just have to have it! If this has happened to you then good job! You’ve certainly made your life a bit easier. Other times finding the right Oz design occasional chair for you can take a while. There are a few things to consider first. Make a list of your needs and this will help you to make decisions and narrow options down when you’re out looking because let’s face it, sometimes there is just too much choice!

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Fitting Your Occasional Chair To Your Space

Working out where you want your chair to go is the first step. You may already have a place in mind, or you may be redecorating and not quite know yet the space you want to fill, all you know is that you want some features to give your house a lift. So, once you’ve narrowed down your area it’s time to get a bit more specific. You’ve chosen your room, but you need to make sure a chair will fit in that space and not look too big or too small. Sometimes stores let you take the furniture home for a trial.

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This can help when you’re looking for the right placement but if you’re buying online and that isn’t an option then finding a piece of furniture with similar dimensions you can try in its place will also be helpful. Even mapping out the area on the ground and measuring it can be really helpful when working out the width of the area your occasional chair can inhabit. When it comes to height you want to go by the rule that the higher the ceiling the higher the back and the same goes for lower ceiling lower back. This rule ensures your comfy occasional chair doesn’t make your space look too huge or too squashed. Once you know the area you need your chair to fill, you’re well on your way.


The Style Of Your Occasional Chair

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Finding which style will suit your home will very much depend on the existing style of your home. If you have a more traditional home, then a comfy occasional chair with a higher back and armchairs in a luxe fabric weave or black occasional chair in leather will almost certainly fit in. Try a Caramel occasional chair for a pop of colour or go with a classic cream. If your home is a bit more modern, a lower backed chair in a sleek design will certainly be an added feature. And lastly choosing a fabric that you find comfortable to sit in and suits your lifestyle always helps. Happy chair hunting!