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When you’re looking for round side tables Perth look no further than State Of Home. We carry a beautiful range of small round side tables, round marble side tables, round wood side tables, round drum side tables and round side tables for living rooms. With our signature contemporary design and wooden and marble looks, you’re sure to find a side table you’l love.


Classic Round Side Table

Merging modern lines with everyday charm, the Classic Round Side table is a sleek accent to that adds interest to any corner of the room. 

small round side table


With classic, timeless design, the Classic Round Side table is the perfect round side table for living rooms. The curved design of the small round side table top fits perfectly with the clean modern lines of the table legs. This retro round side table Can fit effortlessly into any space.




round marble side tableThe Classic Round Side table features a unique table leg design.  With the bottom base of the legs not quite connected, this retro round side table has two V shapes that point in at each other, not quite touching. The effect of this small round side table is simple yet gives the Classic round wood side table a little something different. The table top on the retro round side table also has its own simple yet effective subtilties. With a gentle curve inwards at the underneath of the top. The Classic Round Side table also comes as a round marble side table for more of a refined look in your home. The Classic small round side table has so many simple design subtilties that make this Classic Round Side table one worth owning.



The Classic retro round side table sits at 58cm X 55cm. While still considered a small round side table, it has some height to it, making the Classic round wood side table not an ordinary side table. With its unique leg and tabletop features The Classic retro round side table will fit in perfectly besides your Luxe occasional Chairs, at the ends of your sofas or filling corners as a round side table for living rooms.



With a Timber veneer top and solid wood legs the Classic round wood side table is a great addition to your home. The Classic round wood side table comes in Natural or dark wood for a classic look. If you like things a little more luxe consider a round marble side table.The Classic shape but with a more refined table top. Perfect for those formal areas of your home. There is some simple assembly required for the Classic round wood side table and Classic round marble side table.



With such a beautiful design to start with styling the Classic round wood side table and Classic round marble side table has never been easier.

round wooden side table style


Where to place your Side Table

First you need to decide which room in the house you want to place your Classic retro round side table and what function you would like it to serve. Round side table for living rooms can be places between luxe chairs like the Edge classic occasional chair and used as somewhere to keep books and a cup off coffee. You can also place your retro round side table at the ends of sofas, one end or two to make a symmetrical tableau. The bedroom is another classic place for a small round side table. Placed on one or both sides of the bed a round side table can provide both functionality and a great look. Round side tables can also be places in any room to help fill a corner or provide some height to a room by stacking it with a beautiful tall vase or plant.


Styling your Side Table

Stacking small classic novels on your retro round side table can make for a funky and unique design features. Go to your local second hand book store and pick out old fabric bound novels with colours that match your home décor. Stack these books on top of each other and in order of colour shade to make a lasting effect.


Disc Round Side Table

Add a gorgeous statement to your living room with our Disc side table. The Disc side table comes as individual table in varying sizes or as the amazing Disc Cluster Set complete with two heights of round side tables and a coffee table.

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The Disc modern round side table is one of our unique designs. Not over complicated, the Disc round side table provides contemporary style with an industrial look that will help modernise your home.

retro round side table


Featuring a timber tabletop and three iron legs the Disc modern round side table has an industrial look that can be played up or down. The rimmed tabletop on the Disc small round side table is another subtle feature that adds to the Disc modern round side table’s cool charm.



With two dimensions of 50 x 48 and 50 x 38 There is choice when it comes to which Disc modern round side table is for you. The height of your pre-existing furniture will tell which Disc modern round side table is for you. If you already have a lot of height in your furniture then a taller Disc modern round side table may be your best option. Whereas if your furniture is low lying in the Japanese style then the Disc small round side table which is a cross between a side table in height and coffee table in width, will be the right one for your home.



Made in our quality MRD with a timber veneer table top and iron legs, the Disc modern round side table is one that will last. An added bonus of plastic floor protectors are included which is prefect to ensure your wooden floor boards do not get scratched and helps avoid any awful noises when moving the Disc modern round side table on a polished concrete floor. The best part is there in minimum care required, just treat periodically with furniture polish!

round wood side table


When thinking about how to style your Disc modern round side table, take into account the bold style already at play and work with that. When thinking of your round side table for living rooms think about what it is exactly your room needs. Extra height? 

Best round side table


Ceramics and statement pieces

Then try and add a tall contemporary vase in a dark ceramic style, or better still a collection of ceramic vessels that can be a feature in themselves. If you want to keep with a more industrial style, then think about darker colours and vintage pieces such as old film cameras that can be placed on a stack of books to add some interest to your living area.


With the dark of the timber tabletop and black iron legs, stay away from clashing colours that will confuse your styling, like silvers, whites and pastels and go instead for darker or more natural tones. If colour is one thing you are hoping to bring more of into your home, then try an indoor plant. A splash of dark greenery will perfectly complement your Disc modern round side table while helping add some softness to your space.


If it is purely function you are after, then leaving your round side table close to bare is thankfully fine with the Disc modern round side table. Its industrial design style means it looks just as good as a stand-alone piece then heavily styled. You can try adding a collection of funky drink coasters to your Disc small round side table for something very simple or leave your tabletop completely bare and ready to store the book you’re currently reading and your cup of coffee. With so many options, it’s hard to go wrong with the Disc round side table.


Drum Round Side Table

The Drum Side Table merges contemporary lines with natural textures to create a stylish statement. With intricate design, this piece has been crafted to add subtle interest to your living room.

round drum side table


The round drum side table is one of our favourite designs. Also coming in the shorter and wider drum coffee table, the round drum side table is truly a statement piece. Looking at home in your living area, hallway or bedroom, the round drum side table adds character and brings a style of its own to your space. Reminiscent of African drums, the round drum side table brings to mind safaris of yesteryear and the nostalgia of travel.

best drum side table



A sturdy construction sees the round drum side table as a great addition to any room in your home. With its drum like shape, the round drum side table’s timber tabletop sits of bowed legs, a style that will bring some softness into the hard lines of your home.



At the size of 55 x 45 the round drum side table will sit perfectly next to your classic luxe chair, or at the ends of your sofas, ready and waiting for you to place your morning cup of coffee or evening tea on. Being a side table, it is much narrower than a coffee table and its taller height makes it the perfect piece to fill out those bare awkward corners of your home.


A beautiful dark timber veneer top with solid wood leg sees the round drum side table add a touch of nostalgic class into your home.


In keeping with the theme of the table and the whimsy of travel, take a look back through your old travel souvenirs from far off places. Carved wooden animals or small native instruments can look perfect placed on top of the round drum side table as a feature. Or keep it simple with a patterned ceramic vase with a beautiful design of painted sticks to add some extra height.

best round drum side table perth



Adding a photo frame with a beautiful black and white picture from your travels can be just as stunning when placed on your round drum side table and keep close those treasured memories. Alternatively, you can link in the theme within your room. Adding photos frames in the same dark oak look, with stunning black and white photos to your walls can tie your round drum side table right in.