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What are Side Tables?

Side tables fit into the ‘accent’ realm of furniture designed to complement the existing and larger furniture in the room, while also adding style and flair in an understated way. Side tables are a small table that traditionally sits to the side of sofas, armchairs or occasional chairs and have many uses both functional and decorative. These small side tables come in so many different styles, some of our favourites include wooden side table, marble side tables, and glass side tables. State of home offers some of the best side tables Australia wide.

You may think because you have a coffee table what need would you have for extra, even smaller tables? Well think about how many times you have been sipping a cup of tea and while reading a book wishing you could just place your tea right next to you without having to move forward to the coffee table. Small side tables when places correctly can add some extra ease to your living space. A tabletop to put a few things down, but not enough space for it to get too crowded.

Side tables are not just restricted to the main living space in the company of a sofa or armchair. Small side tables can also be used in many different ways around the home. Either individually or together as nesting side tables. There are so many ways to use side tables to bring out the best in your home. Bedroom side tables are a great example of this.


Side Tables In The Bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place for small side tables. Bedroom side tables can help frame the bed and make for useful places to store books, hold a lamp and your phone. When using small side tables at either side of your bed it’s important to maintain balance and therefore matching side tables always look better and give the room a more finished look. Choose a height that works with your bed because not all beds are the same size. If you have a fairly low to the ground bed, then you will want similarly sized side tables. Just like if you had a high bed you would want your bedroom side tables to sit around the same height or just below, not low to the ground ones where you would have to strain your arms to turn the lamp off. If you don’t have a bed that is situated in the middle of the room, but instead up against a wall, you can still use a bedroom side table to one side, just make sure it is slightly lower than the bed or you will risk making your room look out of balance.

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Next to the bed is not the only place for a the bedroom side table either. Placing a side table in a corner for extra storage space, or to hold decorations can be a great idea. And if you are lucky enough to have an occasional chair or two in your room then try sliding side tables next to them, a great place to hold your magazines and morning cup of coffee.


Side Tables In The Bathroom

The bathroom may seem like a strange place to put a coffee table but there are actually some very practical and stylish uses for a small side table in the bathroom. Looking to add more greenery to your bathroom but running out of space? Try a pot plant on a side table! Not just for decorative purposes, but many bathrooms don’t have a whole lot of bench space, and if you’re someone who likes to have their things laid out insight in a bathroom, try using a side table to add some more storage space. And if you happen to have a bath in your bathroom then a side table is a must. The perfect place and height to pop candles, a book or even a cheeky glass of wine while you treat yourself and have a good soak. Marble side tables are perfect for the bathroom as they are easily wiped down from any splashes that may occur and unlike wooden side tables, won’t stain or buckle if the water is left of them for just a little too long.


Side Tables In The Hallway

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If you have a long hallway it can run the risk of looking quite bare. You may already have a hallway stand but chances are it still looks a little lonely. Try using two marble side tables to frame or with some decorations of top to make your hallway inviting and help set the tone of the house. If your house only has a small entranceway, a side table can be just as handy also. Try putting a side table by the entrance as a great place to put down keys and gloves as you come in the door. Choose a nice square top design that will fit well into the corner so as to not make your place feel cramped.


How Side Tables Can Help Interior Style

Side tables can help add something extra in your home by being the perfect place to use decorations as well as providing a useful surface for storage. One unique thing that side tables are great for as an indoor plant stand. Imagine adding extra draping greenery into your home placed on an accessible and stylish table. Glass side tables and marble side tables are the best for this, as any water leakage won’t leave permanent discoloring to your surface. A side table can also double as a small bookshelf. Stack your books on top of each other decoratively or choose a narrow but longer side table so you can display your current reads side by side.

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Another great and fun use for large side tables is as a minibar. Think 1940’s and get your hands on a metal side table in gold, copper or brass. Topping it with a selection of your favourite spirits and classy small glasses your new ‘mini bar’ side table can look great to the side of your formal dining room or living area. Your side table can also hold lamps, magazines, and drinks then placed in the lounge room or by the bed. Side tables don’t even need a purpose at all. They can be there purely for decoration to add something special to make your space feel fuller and more luxurious. By choosing a stylish design for your side table you can transform something practical into a feature in your home.


Types of Side Tables

There are many kinds of side tables Australia wide, from concrete side tables to narrow side tables, marble side tables and wooden side tables. Ones with drawers and small side tables. There is also plenty of choices when it comes to Australian side tables. Here are a few of the best bellow.


Wooden Side Tables

Wooden side tables are a classic. Whether you’re choosing a Hardwood side table, light wooden side table or even a driftwood side table then you are bound to find something that will suit your home perfectly. If you want something more unusual try a mango wood side table set. Wood is durable and stable, and a wooden side table can be painted easily, not replaced when it’s time for an interior update to your space.

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Oak Side Tables

Oak is one of the best woods for furniture. Strong and with a beautiful grain oak helps add an element of class to any piece of furniture. Oak can also come in many shades and stains, so you are sure to find an oak side table that fits in with your colour scheme.

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Wooden Log Side Tables

A wooden side table in the log style can be a very charming rustic and inexpensive way to bring a side table into your home. Choose a bit or trunk, yourself or a friend can saw it down to the size you want, taking extra care to keep both side level (no one wants a wonky table!). You can then sand it down and either keep in natural, waxed, varnished or painted and it will be sure to be a talking piece in your home.


Marble Side Tables

Marble side tables are perfect for adding an extra element of class to your home, dark or light marble, there is a weight to marble side tables that makes them feel more luxurious than more. Perfect for putting potted plants on or having in areas like the bathroom where they are at risk of splashes. A marble side table will add a luxe feel to any room in your house. best marble side tables

Glass Side Tables

If you have a darker room that doesn’t let in much light and can be a bit gloomy at times, then a glass side table is perfect for you. A glass side table will let light through it so giving the effect of being airy and helping your room feel more spacious. Mirrored side tables can also help in reflecting light around giving off the illusion of more space than you have! A perfect solution to a dull room.


Metal Side Tables

Within the realm of metal side tables, there are many different looks that can be achieved. With a gold side table, for example, an art deco theme is easy to replicate, giving an element of classic vintage to your room. A brass side table can also give a twist of modern and vintage together. And copper side tables with their rose hues are sure to be a feature in your home and give your space a bit of added colour and style.


Outdoor Side Tables

Don’t forget the great outdoors when you’re thinking of side tables. The perfect accompaniment to deck chairs or outdoor loungers. A side table or two is the must-have item for storing your cool iced teas on during those scorching summer months or a glass of white as you sit out on your deck and watch the sun go down.


Best Side table for you

So with all of this choice, how do you choose the best side table for you? Firstly, think about if your side table is going to have a practical purpose. Do you want a side table with draws to help hide away phones at night or remote controls or other knick-knacks? Is your side table for holding indoor plants? Or is it meant for purely decorative purposes like a feature wooden side table or marble side table?

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If you want an outdoors side table then it’s best to think about the material you want it made as, as well as something that will be stable on possibly uneven surfaces of the lawn. Wood is great for the outdoors, just make sure to bring in out of the weather and put a good oil or varnish on it so it doesn’t weather too quickly.

Another important thing to remember when shopping for furniture is to think about your space and the size of the side table. A small round side table will look great next to a low sofa or bed, but out of place in a large room. Don’t try to make your decision all at once. Take your time looking and you will find the perfect side table for you. You can’t go past state of home for the best side tables Australia wide.