Have you always wondered what the key to curating a coastal home is? We sat down with leading Perth property stylist, Jes Koedyk of Perth Style Co. to learn the do’s and don’t’s of the perfect seaside abode.

Hi Jes! Tell us about yourself and what you do…

I’m Jes and I’m an interior stylist at Perth Style Co. – a premium property styling business that develops effective design concepts for homes about to hit the market. My role involves a lot of concept creation, visuals and managing our brand essence through all things design!

When it comes to curating a coastal home, what materials, textures and colours are you drawn to? 

When styling a coastal home, I like to create a sense of calm within the property. Think cool shades of blue – the deeper the better – green, grey and white.


State of Homes Buffalo Leisure Chair in Army


I like to use really textural fabrics like linens or knits to keep that relaxed feel whilst adding interest and dimension. Lineal fabrics work really well to break up block colours and then pair these elements with a marble finish or raw, natural timber. I’m also not afraid of darker timbers when it comes to curating a coastal home, particularly black oak, the darker tones help to add depth and more of a contemporary vibe.

When it comes to accessories, I like to embrace a modern spin on the typical coastal accessory. Anything that appears natural, misshapen or organic usually draw my eye.



What are some of your favourite pieces in this project?

In this particular project, I really loved working with State of Home’s Geordie Sofa. The linen blend fabric is really wearable, whilst the timeless slip design makes it a really transitional piece for years to come.


State of Home’s Geordie Sofa + Vasse Side Table


When designing for a project like this what is the most important factor for you? 

For me, the most important factor is creating an anchor for the space. This might be an oversized piece of art or even a statement piece of furniture but something that draws the eye and demands attention.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? 

My creative process always starts with the layout and functionality of the home – it needs to be practical and showcase the space to its full potential. From there, it’s all about balancing sight lines with artwork and decorative items to bring the space together and really give it a homely touch.



What are your top three tips for designing a coastal home? 

1 – Bold artwork every time! Make it complimentary to your coastal concept but be careful not to go too cliche – steer clear of anything too nautical or typically “Hamptons”.



2 – Don’t be afraid to add dark moody tones to a coastal concept – it creates interest and dimension with ease.

3 – Embrace texture and colour to create a calm and relaxing space. Soft fabrics and earthy tones on repeat!


To see more of Jes’ work, follow Perth Style Co. here.